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music and video that inspire me

olaf arnalds – ‘german fields’ (2013)

track from ‘sudden elevation’ lp

images, 1927 dadaist film ‘ghost before breakfast’ by Hans Richter

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eyvind kang – ‘binah’ (2002)

“feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky.” – thich nhat hanh

track from ‘live low to the earth in the iron age’ lp

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this is the kit – ‘spinney’ (2010)

this band played a beautiful set at start the bus not too long ago

as they were packing up, i wandered up to the lead singer to tell her how much i enjoyed their performance

turns out they’re originally from bristol but are now based in paris. where this charming la blogotheque piece was shot

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can – ‘flow motion’ (1976)

can was an experimental rock band formed in cologne, west germany in 1968

later labeled as one of the first “krautrock” groups, they transcended mainstream influences and incorporated strong minimalist and world music elements into their often psychedelic music

they constructed their music largely through collective spontaneous composition – which the band differentiated from improvisation in the jazz sense – sampling themselves in the studio and editing down the results

bassist/chief engineer holger czukay referred to Can’s live and studio performances as “instant compositions”

the band used the names “inner space” and “the can” before finally settling on can

the roots of can can be traced back to irmin schmidt and a trip that he made to new york city in 1968. while schmidt initially spent his time with avant-garde musicians such as steve reich, la monte young and terry riley, he was also eventually exposed to the world of andy warhol, hotel chelsea and, perhaps most importantly, the velvet underground

in his own words, the trip “corrupted” him, sparking a fascination with the possibilities of rock music

this track is the title track from their 8th studio album (of 12), recorded in 1976

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merz – 'moi et mon camion' (2008)

this is the title track off merz’s third album

the previous two longplayers, thou well received critically, failed to match sales to hype

the latest album was written on the move, as merz was relocating from bristol, to plymouth then subsequently to bath

the title itself – moi et mon camion – is named after a west country removal firm merz and his wife have repeatedly used

the track even begins with the sound of their truck packing up and leaving bath

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neon indian – 'laughing gas' (2009)

taken off their debut album psychic chasms released of lefse records

neon indian are from denton, texas

featuring ham the chimp

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j dilla – 'airworks' (2006)

j dilla (formerly known as jay dee)

“if you were to secretly ask the most praised hip-hop producers, if given a top three, who they fear the most, dilla’s name would chart on everyone’s list, hands down.” ~ ?uestlove, drummer from the roots

he died on february 10, 2006, three days after his 32nd birthday at his home in los angeles

according to his mother, the cause was cardiac arrest

his last album, titled donuts, was released three days earlier, on february 7, 2006 and included this track, airworks

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robert glasper – 'everything in its right place' (2007)

texas born but residing in new york, robert glasper released his fourth album ‘double booked’ in 2009

he has worked with mos def, bilal, j dilla, common, talib kweli, kanye west, erykah badu, slum village and maxwell, amongst others

this is a cover of a radiohead track

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sol – maranatha (1975)

hot hot boogie…

chicano soul in texas – embodying the jazz fusion spirit of herbie hancock’s headhunters lp, with full body kick drums, wah-wah guitar effects, and luscious horn crescendoes

joe gallardo is sol. san antonio, texas 1975

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arthur russell – 'in the light of the miracle'

in early 1969, arthur russell was arrested as a runaway vagrant in san francisco

given the choice of being sent home or remaining in a detention centre until he turned 18, he was released to the custody of a local buddhist commune

over the next few years, russell played chello for fire-walking ceremonies, joined the commune’s country band, took music lessons from andor toth of the san fran symphony chamber orchestra, studied north american music at the ali akbar college of music and minimal composition at the san fran conservatory of music

he went on to be a central figure in the new wave and disco revolutions of 70’s and 80’s manhattan

source: mojo

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