don’t forget the sun

hello, my name is james koch

i have lived in bristol, uk, since 1998 and took up photography in 2005

for better or for worse i am self-taught. through this general ignorance, the only rules i have to follow are that there are none. easy!

perhaps i try to combine my own inspiration, emotion and imagination to explore our bitter-sweet man-altered world, and bring some meaning to mine

or maybe i just love to listen to music and walk; the universe and camera combine to do most of the work for me

our streets are a living, evolving system. there is energy and flow. we are surrounded by everyday miracles of circumstance and invention. independent spirit still exists….

i wonder what bristol’s streets will look like in years to come? how will we think back and remember yesterday? how will we shape tomorrow, today?

still – i find taking photos a meditative and grounding experience. affirming that life – and hope – does indeed exist, feels good. if not hope, then what?

yes, bristol is my home.  in time i wish to explore her head-to-toe. learn of her, appreciate her and tell her story as best i can. it starts each day, my next lesson.

and let’s hope we are all quick learners. consumption is all consuming and soon there’ll be nothing left. we must return to the source

and so we look to the sun. shedding light; offering colour and contrast; bringing life; and, for now, hope. waking us and giving us another day

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your thoughts and feeback are always very welcome.

2 Responses to don’t forget the sun

  1. Helene Hilger says:

    The semester is finally calming down and I am reviewing old emails, including the one you sent announcing your new web site. It is very attractive and engaging. I love the pictures on a stone wall concept. My favorite (of course) is the dog on the stairway. Lots more dog pics please. Cheesy? YES, endearing? YES. I had not heard anything about the Tesco opposition, so it was an interesting blog piece to read. In some ways, we are still very primitive and tribal, us humans. Love your photos and wish you would come take some in AMERICA!!

    • james says:

      hi Helene. thanks a lot for the comment – great to hear from you :) yes, the tesco story rumbles on. it seems this area of bristol may be the scene of the first physical-activism against supermarket monopoly, rightly or wrongly. i would love to come to the States to see you all, and to take some shots. i often think about it. one day soon. in the mean time i’ll look out for more dog pics, just for you! hope this reaches you and family well x

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