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bristols’ bs4 ~ photos and short stories

::: totterdown (bs4)

‘totters’ or travelling tradesmen made their way down the steep hill to the riverside on their way to market

over the years they wore many paths which gave the area its distinctive appearance

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[o] yello gate road (bristol 4)

‘yello gate road’, school rd, totterdown, bristol 4

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[o] fishing for religion (bristol 4)

‘fishing for religion’, wells rd, bristol 4

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[o] meet me at the carwash (bristol 4)

‘meet me at the carwash’, greenleaze rd, bristol 4

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'on and on'. broadwalk, knowle, bs4

backroom bar >>> driftwood reggae guitars >>> contact on the corner of cobbles. picked up and carried closer to the stars.

home to curtains parting in the night, sweet delight. 

get up, go – back to knowle – to bricks a civic hue, roundabouts through, a sign – ‘clear weather, today’ – writ yellow and blue.

youth sleep. elder feet find way. glistening eyes, more emotional than yesterday. 

must be this morning we are all surrounded by: a darker shadow underfoot, the first bead of  sweat, kaleidoscopic colours, a squinting friend. 

a winter bird flies home.

“pip”…… “pap”…… “pic”……. “poc”…….  chewing gum in time to tennis and blinking to slow passing cars to a stop.

when you approach, i know you are there. smile. (remember not to stare).

braced slacks, carriered cider packs and little finger tabs tap to the draw. they sit on sleepers, sipping some some more, silent under sun.

skin white as parchment; written by a school of moments, an army of one.

ah, we’re soaking. i’m sodden. ah, these days that go on and on….

a flutter of borrowed wings, the stutter of a traveller checking in. the infinite – the marvellous – will soon be gone.

thank you for reading. don’t forget the sun. take care, k((o))

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[o] pastel high (bs4)

‘pastel high’. broadwalk, knowle, bs4

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[o] methodist (bs4)

‘methodist’. wells rd, knowle, bs4

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slow, steady (brislington hill, bs4)

journeys and places, like people, seem strange at first. so many strange people and places.

do i stop to see reflections and hear echos? do i care to understand unorthordoxy to me? do i reach out and… touch?

homogenous shopping complex –  always talking / not saying very much. i could be anywhere.

west town lane: independence regained. i sit, testing an elastic-band; wrapping a world around the palm of my hand… open. 

pick dust + gravel. a sulking path, i growl at the art deco jumped-up dog. to ground, into light glistening over runny road.

traffic fights and cement bombs; railings weigh and windows crop energy.

“my legs are sore but i still have hearing. my eyes are weak but i remember…  please be careful of the cars turning, dear”.

“i will, thank you.”

onto, up, over the bridge. stopping halfway to peer nervously one way, then the next, at flow motion, below. at fingers on wheels and thumbs on laps. at familiar heads, fair hair and floppy hats.  

young sun-dial dies an early death…

“are you still serving lunch?”


to decide: choose a seat and predict the sky and earth to meet over a visceral mahavishnu beat; only ever in my head (til the weight’s off my feet).

“what’s it like around here?” i ask lady irene, “local life: reality, hope and fear?” until my plate was empty and the sky had almost cleared…

“… so we live moment to moment. so we hope for a bus route, removed railings, some green. so we fear it may never happen. so we live moment to moment.” 

i would like to return.

for now – down the slope, around the corner and up.

i find vantage and sit without shot. i’m looking west, eyes shut…

… from the sun: irene. on her way home, with familiar smile and lilting tongue.


thanks for reading. don’t forget the sun + take care, k((o)) 

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[o] hilltop flyer (bs4)

‘hilltop flyer’. summer’s hill, arnos vale, bs4

into the canyon. together/alone.

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