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peter broderick – 'below it' (2008)

23 years old

yet another talented musician to come out of portland, oregan. and another to be singed to ever consistent bella union record label

also sometime member of danish outfil efterklang

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david sylvian – 'red guitar' (1984)

came to promenance as lead vocalist for group japan in the late 70’s, arguably at the forefront of the new romantic sound and movement

this track taken off his debut solo lp – brilliant trees. it was a top 20 uk hit in 1984

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pand bear – 'take pills' (2009)

panda bear = noah lennox = founding member of animal collective

apparently he drew pictures of pandas as artwork on the recordings he made as a young musician. his recording name duly followed

this song typical of his neo-psychedelic sound. it’s kind of split into two with a long intro, and then…

“take one day at a time
everything else you can leave behind
only one thing at a time
anything more really hurts your mind
i don’t want for us to
take pills
not that it’s bad
i don’t want for us to take pills
because we’re stronger
and we don’t need them”

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grizzly bear – 'shift' (2006)

filmed in paris for the blogotheque series, produced by vincent moon

grizzley bear are a psch-folk band from brooklyn. they are one of the only non-electronic bands to be signed to warp

in the summer of 2008, they opened for radiohead on the second leg of their north american tour. in toronto, on their last date of the tour together, radiohead guitarist  jonny greenwood spoke of his love for gb, on stage, calling them his favorite band

daniel rossen (standing, guitar) is also a member of the duo department of eagles

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john martyn – 'spencer the rover' (1977)

taken off his sunday’s child lp, originally released in 1974. (“has any album cover had more spliffs rolled on it than sundays child?” ~ andy robson)

in 1977, he released one world, which led some commentators to describe martyn as the “father of trip-hop” (a sound taken forward by bristol artists in the 1990’s). it included collaborations with lee “scratch” perry

he also worked with eric clapton, david gilmour, phil collins and his then wife, beverley

eric clapton is quoted as saying that martyn was, “so far ahead of everything, it’s almost inconceivable”

“i was very shy and retiring until i was 20 and then i just got the heave with donovan and cat stevens and all that terribly nice rolling up joints and sitting on toadstools watching the sunlight dapple its way through the dingly dell of life’s rich pattern stuff ” ~ john martyn (Q mag, 1990)

martyn’s death, aged 60 – from double pneumonia, was announced on his website on 29 January 2009

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the besnard lakes – 'for agent 13' (2010)

a four-piece from montreal, canada

named after besnard lake in north-central saskatchewan

this cut – taken off their third, and latest, record: the besnard lakes are the roaring night (released on jagjaguwar)

on thier myspace, they tell us “there is something in the dark night. you will not need to wait much longer. we promise” 
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r. stevie moore – 'i hope that you remember' (1979)

another one from the lo-fi legend

see the *psy bubble for another track and a little more background info on the man

and remember: don’t forget

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omar khorshid – rakset el fadaa (1974)

the late omar khorshid remains an iconic legend of the arab world, though he’s received  little international acclaim

born in cairo in 1945, the glittering age of egypt’s cultural reinvention, khorshid was soon to become one of its luminaries and most well-known, if short-lived, voices

he is regarded as the greatest guitarist the arab world has ever known

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madlib – solitude (2003)

heir apparent to the ‘most respected living hip-hop producer’ title, since the passing of j dilla

abstract and soulful. prolific and consistent. in demand and collaborating with all the heaveyweight conscious mc’s

this: an instrumental version of a track featured on dudley perkins ‘a lil light’ album – his first on stonesthrow records – produced entirely by madlib

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josh pyke – middle of the hill (2005)

josh is an australian singer-songwriter, though this was penned by the kinks frontman ray davies 

artwork by artist james gulliver hancock. also an australian, he is currently based in brooklyn, and is attempting to draw all the buildings in new york

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