post apocalypso pt 2 (st paul’s carnival, bs2)

‘pop’, winkworth place, bs2

‘miss the bank’, bishop st, bs2

‘uk garage’, dean st, bs2

‘body’, dean st, bs2

‘exit signs’, st paul’s church, bs2


‘play ground’, st paul’s church, bs2


‘stickers’, grosvenor rd, bs2

‘carrot is the colour’, grosvenor rd, bs2

‘freesomm!’, wilder st, bs2

‘grifters drift’, grosvenor rd, bs2

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4 Responses to post apocalypso pt 2 (st paul’s carnival, bs2)

  1. Emily says:

    I saw these seagulls from our place! they were out over st paul’s all morning scavenging…

  2. Bert says:

    wicked photos mate; despite the rubbish they’ve all got that early morning glow – the last stagger home before the hangover sets in…

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