something i transcribed, from a song (title/artist unknown)

one is a number. a number is abstract. abstract is a thought. a thought is my mind. my mind is organic. organic is cellular. cellular is protoplasm. protoplasm is psychochemical. psychochemical is energy. energy is electricity. electricity is electrons. electrons are matter. matter is dimension. dimension is space. space is distance. distance is time. time is waiting. waiting is becoming. becoming is rising. rising is flying. flying is freedom. freedom is internal. internal is emotion. emotion is ecstasy. ecstasy is inspiration. inspiration is spiritual. spiritual is a dream. a dream is desire. desire is a  promise. promises are the future. the future is potential. potential is perfecting. perfecting is easy. easy is flowing. flowing is blending. blending is communal. communal is interchanging. interchanging is becoming. becoming is knowing. knowing is not thinking

not thinking is being now. being now is existing. existing is realising. realising is growing. growing is feeding. feeding is consuming. consuming is taking. taking is giving. giving is accepting. accepting is opening. opening is birth. birth is orgasm. orgasm is quivering. quivering is releasing. release is no control. no control is random. random is chance. chance is surprise. surprise is revelation. revelation destroys fear. fear is taught. teaching is discipline. discipline is order. order is control. control is submission. submission is collapse. collapse is failure. failure is learning. learning is strength. strength is compassion. compassion is gentle. gentle is embracing. embracing is feeling. feeling is seeing. seeing is light. light is no darkness. darkness is to know light. light is harmony. is intertwining. is complete. is natural. is you. is me. is us

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