(i) nash (bristol 7)

‘nash’. st andrews park, bristol 7. iphone

i met nash. he was walking to locklease (he thinks an hour on foot). his best friend passed away 2 weeks ago. i wonder what music he’s listening to

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[o] balloon (bristol 41)

'balloon'. ashton gate, bs41

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(i) lgbt russia protest. westminster, london 10.8.13

9.30 bristol-london. calling swindon

the houses of parliament. water and placards

"don't forget gay russians". english guy, russian girlfriend

pink putin?

peter tatchell & friends

"love without borders"

alexandra kollontai said: rise up against oppression, celebrate free love

"love is stronger than homophobia"

free pussy riot, babooshka on the stereo

rainbow & unicorns

"thought is free" - the tempest

"making scapegoats of gay people, just as hitler did jews" - stephen fry

underground/overground - i'm coming home

destination bristol

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(i) mum vs cancer

mum is finishing 6 weeks of radiotherapy for mouth cancer. the nebuliser helps relieve mucas in the throat. she’s doing good, all things considered

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‘mornings with madelaine…’//photographique group portrait show

‘mornings with madelaine, gloucester at dawn’, an image taken on gloucester rd, bristol 7 (june 2011). as part of photographique group portrait show. up now

this was the second morning we spent together talking in strange tongues. at the time i wrote this to post alongside the image:

mornings with madeleine, gloucester at dawn
sat on a doorstep, rolling a drum
as black as night, as blue as sky
m works for the government so so do i.
we met once again: same place, same time
i took one of her, she took one of mine
pass me the cider, what was your name?
mornings with madeleine, gloucester at dawn

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(i) from the heart (bristol 1)

‘from the heart’. gay pride, castle park, bristol 1 (taken on iPhone)

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[o] dave bain//’feathers’//gromit unleashed (bristol 7)

dave bain with ‘feathers’ on gloucester rd – his design for gromit unleashed. at the end of the art trail, the sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for wallace & gromit’s grand appeal, the bristol children’s hospital charity

dave (and feathers) also featured on the front of the bristol evening post

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[o] china girl (bristol 7)

‘china girl’, gloucester rd, bs7

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[o] upfest 2013//inkie, ged palmer & tom lane mural (bristol 3)

inkie, ged palmertom lane & friends at this years upfest

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[o] ‘space + time’ // the gallimaufry, bs7

‘space + time’, gloucester rd (bristol 7). £150. as part of the gallimaufry group show up till june 20. enquiries: pls contact me or the galli on 01179427319

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