on the edge of Evil pt1 (Aryz, El Mac & Nick Walker)

Aryz (Barcelona). when i arrived he was sat like this calm and quite alone, apart from the giant rat taking form above him 

Aryz tag on a baron nelson st

Aryz finished his piece in two 12 hour days. this is around the 20 hr mark

El Mac (LA) setting up projector, and Dave Harvey (Team Love, Bristol)

the image loads that El Mac will spend the next 5 days painting

a local resident is none-the-wiser

El Mac worked through the night to cause the least disruption to traffic from the giant cherry pickers

Bristol faces

a view over Bristol as homegrown artist Nick Walker starts his piece

the light

full moon and rising

Nick Walker’s assistant

independent filmaker Chaz Golding with Nick Walker in background (on right)

Nick Walker signs the book of a young fan, who i would see again and again over the course of the week

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