john the flute (bristol 1)

‘john the flute’, st augustines parade, bristol 1

an institute of the clifton triangle, john has played the flute under the south facing wraught iron overhang for many years. this day we met  by the fountains in the centre. he was sat on his bag staring at the sun, as usual. waiting for a bus to take him to gloucester rd 

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4 Responses to john the flute (bristol 1)

  1. I see this man every day I go to the Triangle. Playing his flute…
    Nice shot and good to see that someone cares about him.

    • james says:

      i reckon he’s been playing there at least 8 yrs, possibly longer, saving enough money to winter in the far east. he’s a friendly guy Franck. if you have time, stop to say hi to him next time you’re passing :)

  2. Chris says:

    The triangle wouldn’t feel the same if he stopped playing there. It’s like a scene from Gangs of New York. I wish he’d learn some new songs though. Great photo!

    • james says:

      nice one Chris. yes, used to rent an office on the triangle and the sound of the flute became engrained into my day. not sure if John has a repetoire as such. i think he’s more Jazz improv!

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