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as i was taking the photo named ‘a human touch’, i was approached from a restaurant on the other side of the street of the cafe i was shooting the reflection of

“can i ask what you’re doing. it’s just i know the owner of this place”. guess it must look a bit odd someone pointing their camera into a high street window

but that gives me hope, in a way

it seems that photographic art has been somewhat devalued by the onset of digital photography (my medium). everyone has a camera. everyone is a photographer. everyone is an artist

but does this matter? perhaps, if you’re looking to make a living – any money, even – from photography as an artform (not weddings, corporate work, studio portraits etc)

an established photographer recently told me, of street photography: “i have to say by its nature there is no livelihood to be made in this field… no living”

true, in general

and so to try and stay motivated, full of purpose, with self-belief intact

not relying on too much positive reinforcement to proceed, but getting up and getting out with the obsessive nature needed to push things forward, personally at least

trusting instinct. focussing on what we do best…

windows for one

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