[o] sundust (bristol 6)

‘sundust’, bath bildings, off picton, bristol 6

originally uploaded by james koch

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3 Responses to [o] sundust (bristol 6)

  1. ChloBird says:

    Sun dust settles on window, reflections of past, musical collections, sun dust settles down in the street and steams into bath buildings off Picton St. Bristol caught through your eye lends eternal golden fingers that reach across the world and through my laptop screen. Thank you James x

  2. ChloBird says:

    Suggestion: if you wanted to incorporate words into this piece…I envision…the words ‘Sun Dust’ printed in the white light mid left hand side…would accentuate ziggy star dust. Also, could have words (poem or text) printed around the border, use words as a pattern to frame the piece. Just ideas…love the photo, it inspired my brain.x

  3. kochy says:

    thanks Chloe – your positive vibes and ideas are noted and greatly appreciated :) i lke the ideas of words as frame. hope this reaches you well X

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