john martyn – 'spencer the rover' (1977)

taken off his sunday’s child lp, originally released in 1974. (“has any album cover had more spliffs rolled on it than sundays child?” ~ andy robson)

in 1977, he released one world, which led some commentators to describe martyn as the “father of trip-hop” (a sound taken forward by bristol artists in the 1990’s). it included collaborations with lee “scratch” perry

he also worked with eric clapton, david gilmour, phil collins and his then wife, beverley

eric clapton is quoted as saying that martyn was, “so far ahead of everything, it’s almost inconceivable”

“i was very shy and retiring until i was 20 and then i just got the heave with donovan and cat stevens and all that terribly nice rolling up joints and sitting on toadstools watching the sunlight dapple its way through the dingly dell of life’s rich pattern stuff ” ~ john martyn (Q mag, 1990)

martyn’s death, aged 60 – from double pneumonia, was announced on his website on 29 January 2009

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